ETM USB Recorder

ETM USB Recorder

ETM-USBAIS-USBThe Shadin Avionics ETM USB Recorder is the latest enhancement to the Engine Trend Monitoring system.

The ETM USB Recorder is designed to enhance the storage capability in the Shadin Engine Trend Monitor.  Using 2 gigabytes of data, the ETM USB Recorder has the capability to store trend data for the life of an aircraft while providing the USB interface to make data downloads as easy as plugging in the USB flash drive.

  • Plug and play replacement from Data Key Recorder
  • Eliminate Data Key, Key Reader and RS-232 Serial Port
  • Enhances ETM with storage for life of aircraft
  • Data easily transferable with USB flash drive
  • Talk to your avionics shop about ordering today
  • Warranty extension with Data Key, Key Reader, Key Recorder trade-in


Data Key Recorder (old) Feature ETM USB Recorder (new)
0 hours Internal Storage Hours (approximate) 10,000 hours
Fleetview 7.3 - Limited Graphical Interface Software Fleetview - Enhanced Export Capabilities
2.937 in. x 2.937 in Footprint 2.937 in. x 2.937 in.
15 pin D-sub Connector 15 pin D-sub
Data Key, Key Reader with Serial Port PC Interface USB Flash Drive
200 Storage Records (approximate) 1,000,000



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