TrendBox200The TrendBox200 is an Airframe Health Monitor that can be used as a complement to a HUMS (Health and Usage Monitoring System) solution. It was developed by Shadin Avionics partnered with Technical Data Analysis, Inc. The TrendBox200 airframe trend and health monitor is used with the FlightFrame System.

The FlightFrame system consists of a GPS antenna, a portable data gathering device (the TrendBox200), and a web-based structural analysis application running on a PC. The TrendBox200 records 3-axis acceleration, 2-axis rotation rate, and GPS data during a flight. This data is stored in a non-volatile, removable memory card. The recorded data on the memory card is transferred to a PC after the flight.

System Specifications for TrendBox200

  • Input voltage range of 9.0 VDC to 33.0 VDC
  • Green power indication LED
  • One DB-15 external connector for the power and communication lines
  • One external SMA jack for connection to an external GPS antenna
  • One SD memory card with a non-volatile memory capacity of 2 GB
  • Measure and record 3-axis acceleration data
  • Measure and record 2-axis rotation rate data

Included with the purchase of a Trendbox 200

  • TrendBox 200
  • GPS antenna with 16' cable (not for external mounting)
  • Automotive style power adapter
  • One 2 GB SD memory card (stores approximately 100 flight hours of data)
  • Subscription to


Operating Manual

Example of Captured Data

Flight Frame

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