flyTab iPad EFB

Why flyTab iPad EFB?

The flyTab iPad EFB is the definitive Class 2 iPad EFB solution, specifically designed with commercial air carriers and Part 25 aircraft operators in mind. Providing far more than a simple user interface, the flyTab suite of products and available installations allows any airline or operator to affordably integrate FOQA/FDM and other enterprise applications while lowering operating costs, reduce compliance risk and fees, and enhance dispatch reliability while increasing crewmember situational awareness so that the entire organization from cockpit to corporate can be more informed and more efficient decision makers. If your operations have or are currently considering iPad as a Class 1 EFB stop limiting your capabilities and minimizing your ROI and ask yourself, “What can class 2 do for me?” flyTab is the only Class 2 EFB solution for Apple iPad devices in the world which features full aircraft integration and intrinsic modular support for one-to-one iPad deployments by allowing pilots and flight departments to deploy the iPad EFB in a “walk-on / walk-off” configuration. flyTab EFB features an average ROI of less than 12 months and is the perfect balance of technology, form, fit, function and cost. And with the available flyTab Software Developers Kit (SDK), airlines, OEMs and aircraft manufacturers can easily develop, deploy and support a full catalogue of embedded applications and enterprise tool for iOS with rapid and low-cost deployment cycles using Apple design standards for iOS applications while ensuring aviation human factors standards aren’t compromised by sluggish designs!


About Team flyTab

ASIG LogoASIG has been redefining traditional class 2 EFB systems from the very start of the tablet era. We are building a whole new breed of connected devices intended to extend existing flight deck functionality beyond the cockpit, indeed beyond the airport! Our leadership in this new and exciting field of convergence is thorough and established on the core principles of dependability, knowledge, integrity, and excellence in both attitude and execution. No one individual or company is an expert at all things, that is why ASIG has established the flyTab consortium and is working closely with thoughtfully selected industry partners who are leaders in their respective fields, Shadin Avionics and AppOrchard. Our partners contribute their expertise and experience toward ensuring the entire flyTab ecosystem delivers the absolute best in modular avionic design, technology, function and efficiency which has yielded the only FAA TSO and STC approved, and most cost-effective, iPad® based EFB solution available on the market.

Shadin LogoShadin Avionics is an industry leader in development and manufacture of world class data collection and conversion products for all types of aerospace applications. Shadin specializes in the design, manufacture, support and distribution of Avionics Interface Systems (AIS), Fuel Flow Systems, Engine Trend Monitoring (ETM), Altitude Management Systems, Air Data Computers (ADC) and other instrumentation for turbine, piston and rotor aircraft for the military, general and corporate aviation markets.


AppOrchard LogoAppOrchard builds premium enterprise apps which transforms legacy IT infrastructures allowing them to perform in the modern mobile world. Through an integrated approach that encompasses both the business and technical perspectives, AppOrchard aligns the latest devices with existing systems. Founded in 2011, the AppOrchard team is comprised of iOS insiders who formed their domain expertise while creating tomorrows realities at companies including Apple and NeXT. AppOrchard's software engineers and leaders have a solid track record of delivering business opportunities through technology.

It is the flyTab team's goal to extend our success through our deliberate alliances with equipment and aircraft OEMs, air carriers, civil aviation authorities and enterprise intelligence providers serving the broader aviation industry. flyTab's alliances with these industry partners is pushing the boundaries of typical aircraft "connected" technologies and creating a whole new, and smarter, operating reality to our common customers, allowing them to be smarter decision makers from the cockpit... all the way to corporate.

It you are an organization with a shared vision, common goals, and a willingness to work together to realize this ambition, contact the flyTab team.

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